BLUMANO at VPT Lifting Technology conference

The 30th of January 2017, BLUMANO participate to the conference “Hoisting Technique: 10 years later”, organized by VPT the Dutch association for stage technology. The keynote speech was held by BLUMANO’s director Cristiano Giavedoni, which entertained the large audience with a presentation called “Safety in Machinery: The lost Island”, four approaches to describe the reality of machinery safety in the entertainment industry.

From the islands that doesn’t exist – absence of safety – to the islands that exist too much, the myth of redundancy, passing through the requirements listed in European standards, useful to discover the island you can’t find and concluding with the lost islands, those safety installation assessments that may lose the initial intrinsic safety due to lack of planning, training, expertise and communication.

The conference has been organized with the cooperation of many industry experts, such as Dirk Bakker (National Opera & Ballet), Reind Brackman (STE Trekwerk), Gert Jan Brouwer (Frontline Rigging), Arnoud van Dijk (PBTA Theatre & Acoustics), Huub Huikeshoven (theater advice eg ), Koen Koch (Theater Castellum), Sebastian Kruijs (Theatre Group Amsterdam), Daan van Oene (Theatre Group Amsterdam), Robert Pronk (Silicon Theatre Scenery BV) Show de Vries (freelance operator);

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