How has the design of theatre buildings changed over time?

Early theatres The first buildings used for theatrical performances in Britain were amphitheatres introduced by the Romans, who copied theatres from ancient Greece. These were semi-circular structures, constructed of wood initially and later stone. They were open to the air with banked seating surrounding a raised stage. Medieval theatre was presented on elaborate temporary stages [...]

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Drone registration made compulsory as UK scheme launches

Users must sit online test and pay annual fee of £9 to join register or face £1,000 fine. Drone users in the UK must now sit an online test and pay a £9 annual fee or face a £1,000 fine after the launch of a mandatory national registration scheme on Tuesday. Owners are obliged to [...]

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London Piccadilly Theatre ceiling collapses on audience

Several people were injured when parts of a ceiling collapsed during a Piccadilly Theatre show in London's West End. The venue in Denman Street was packed on Wednesday for a performance of the Arthur Miller play Death of a Salesman, starring US actor Wendell Pierce. Audience members "heard dripping sounds indicating water was coming through [...]

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Crew member electrocuted on Celine Dion’s Courage tour

A crew member has been electrocuted on Celine Dion's 'Courage' tour. The man was helping to set up for the star's show in Montreal, Canada, last week when he was electrocuted and fell off the rigging but he survived the incident with just a dislocated shoulder. A source told the New York Post's Page Six: [...]

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Center Parcs: Investigation after children hurt by raft flip

A Center Parcs ride is the focus of an investigation after a raft flipped over, injuring a man and two children. The man and his nephew, 12, and niece, 13, were hurt on the Tropical Cyclone ride at the holiday firm's site in Longleat, Wiltshire, on 19 August. The man was taken to hospital with [...]

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Mexico rollercoaster crash leaves two dead

A rollercoaster carriage has derailed in Mexico City, killing at least two people. Another two were injured in the accident at La Feria Chapultepec amusement park on Saturday. Eyewitnesses said the victims fell from the last carriage of the Chimera rollercoaster in the park. The popular park was closed soon after the incident, and the [...]

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Door open on moving Southend train for 23 minutes

A door on a passenger train was open for 23 minutes while the vehicle travelled at 80mph (128km/h). A passenger reported it to the driver at Hockley station, in Essex, at 07:20 BST on the Liverpool Street to Southend line on 22 August, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) said. The train travelled in traffic [...]

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Thirty people injured after giant LED screen collapses onto fans at rap concert in Germany

A TOTAL of 30 people have been injured after a huge LED screen collapsed onto fans at a rap gig in Germany. Rapper Casper and hip hop artist Marteria were performing on stage at around 9.20pm when the monitor fell down during stormy weather at the event in Essen. One gig goer said it was [...]

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Tomorrowland: Freedom stage suffers partial roof collapse ahead of weekend two

Part of the roof structure at Tomorrowland's Freedom stage has sunk. Tomorrowland festival, which took place last weekend from the 18th to the 21st July in Boom and runs this weekend for a second installment, unveiled a newly redesigned Freedom stage this year. Featuring brand new lighting panels that can be raised and lowered, the [...]

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Terrifying moment Indian funfair ride snaps in half, killing two people and injuring 29 others

This is the terrifying moment a funfair ride crashed down killing two people and injuring 29 others in western India. The incident took place on Sunday at Balvatika Amusement Park near Kanakaria lake in Gujarat state's Ahmedabad city. The horrific video shows the joyride, named 'Discovery', coming down after its load-bearing cable snapped when the [...]

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