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Different regulations apply for end-users and manufacturers in terms of machine and temporary demountable structure safety.
European Directives, harmonised standards, national and international norms and code of practice define the boundaries of your planning framework.

Alongside BLUMANO engineering services and consultancy, we provide training courses on many aspects of Machinery, Control Safety and Temporary Demountable Structures related to the Entertainment industry.
Our training services encompass all aspects of stage machinery safety, the relevant legislations, applicable standards and good practice.

Training can be tailored to meet your exact needs and can be organised either at your workplace or in a venue of your choice.
Copies of handouts, information packs and guidance notes are available as part of your tailored package.

The application of
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
in the Entertainment Industry

The application of Machinery Directive 2006/42/ECin the Entertainment Industry

The session will give delegates a one day introduction to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Standards and Code of Practice related to machinery safety along with the explanation of the implementation of certain standard guidance within the entertainment industry.

The session will explain which European Directives apply to stage machinery, which harmonised standards can be followed in order to claim presumption of conformity; and it will give an overview about national European standards and code of practice related to lifting and load bearing equipment for stages and other areas of the entertainment industry.

Training code: BLU01TR

Safe integration of machineries, control systems, rigging equipment and temporary demountable structures.

Safe integration of machineries, control systems, rigging equipment and temporary demountable structures.

This course will give delegates the fundamentals of machinery safety, also definitions of assembly of machinery based on several stage machinery configurations and required control functions when integrating electric chain hoists, winches, tracking systems and stage lifts with control systems and trusses. Travel of groups of machines requires a dedicated risk assessment in order to establish the necessary safety and control functions in the event of failure. The course is also designed to explain the European requirements related to the integration of machinery with control systems, the EC compliance obligations and the technical documentation required in order to claim EC presumption of conformity.

Training code; BLU02TR

Risk Assessment:
Lifting Operations
and Scenic Movements

Risk Assessment: Lifting Operations and Scenic Movements

This course will give delegates the fundamentals of Assembly of Machinery Risk Assessment based on national and international standards to evaluate, estimate and reduce risks related to a scenic movement.

The training will explain the difference between a simple and a complex system, the safety related functions and their SIL/PLr level and the complementary Risk Reduction measures necessary to reach a suitable safety integrity for a group of machinery configurations.

Statically determined and undetermined configurations, synchronous or asynchronous lifting operations and case studies will be analysed in order to learn how to draft a Scenic Movements RA for stage lifting operations.

Training code: BLU04TR

Risk Assessment:
Stage Machineries
and Control Systems

Risk Assessment: Stage Machineries and Control Systems

This course will give delegates the fundamentals of stage machinery risk assessment based on EN ISO 12100:2010 and CWA 15902-1:2008.
The training will explain the basics of Risk Assessment based on defined limits and intended use of the machine. It will talk about hazards identification and allocation, risk estimation and evaluation and it will examine the three-step criteria of risk reduction based on the mechanical, electrical and functional safety assessment.
Focus of the training is to give to manufacturers of stage machineries and control systems, the correct framework in which to design, test and validate the inherent safety design, safeguarding and complementary measures; and to draft the machinery information for User Manuals.

Training code: BLU03TR


– Save time and money during the planning of your machinery installation configuration.
– Reduce commissioning time and approvals obstacles.
– Benefit from our Industry experience.
– Increase your personal knowledge and company competence.
– Comply with statutory regulations with trained, competent staff.

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