The standard IEC ISO 17305 is planned to be a merger of the standards EN ISO 13849 and IEC 62061. In future, the new IEC ISO 17305 will describe the functional safety of plant and machinery as well as the measures and steps to be considered en route.

IEC/ISO 17305 will probably come into force from 2016
The launch date for IEC ISO 17305 is planned for 2016, with a transition period of 2 years. This so-called merger will apply worldwide. The aim is to make things standardised and simpler. This could be achieved by completely replacing EN ISO 13849 and IEC 62061, which currently run in parallel, and having only IEC ISO 17305 in future.

Initial internal committee draft of IEC/ISO 17305 this year
The initial internal committee draft of IEC ISO 17305 is planned by the end of 2014. Pilz is represented with a group of experts in the relevant standards committee and in some working groups,  playing a key role in steering development for the purposes of plant and machine builders. Where the merger to form IEC ISO 17305 is concerned, we support the most practical approach possible.

Latest first-hand developments on the draft standard
No final decisions have yet been made with regard to the content of IEC ISO 17305. As soon as the draft standard has been officially published we will provide statements, appraisals and practical tips for the application of IEC ISO 17305 on this website.