As we enter into a new decade, many of us have been reflecting on our lives from 2010 to 2019. I couldn’t help but put it in the perspective of crowd disasters, to understand if there was anything we could reflect on and take the learnings with us into the 20’s (is that what we’re calling it?). Our world has changed rapidly, with technology advancing, and industry professionals growing more experienced. However, we are still coming across unsafe practices, disasters are still occuring and people are being hurt.

As I looked through the list of disasters over the last ten years, I have highlighted below the ones that have been most prominent in the media.

  • 2010: Love Parade, Duisburg. 21 deaths
  • 2011: Sabarimala “stampede”, Kerala, India. 106 deaths.
  • 2012: Port Said Stadium, Egypt. 74 deaths.
  • 2013: Kiss Nightclub Fire, Brazil. 242 deaths.
  • 2014: NYE, Shanghai, China. 36 deaths.
  • 2015: Hajj, Saudi Arabia. 2000 deaths.
  • 2016: Ghost Ship Warehouse fire, California. 36 deaths.
  • 2017: Champions League Final screening, Turin, Italy. 1500 injured.
  • 2018: El Paraíso Club, Caracus, Venezuela. Around 21 deaths.
  • 2019: Crookstown crowd crush, Northern Ireland. 3 deaths.

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