Cristiano Giavedoni has been appointed as Chair of the BSI MHE/3/13 committee for Lifting equipment for performance, broadcast and similar applications.

The BSI MHE/3/13—sub-committee under the direction of BSI MHE/3—is also responsible for standards that cover lifting equipment for film, broadcasting, theatre, conferences, concerts, public events and similar use. The committee works on establishing codes of practice regarding the safe use of such equipment along with other technical documents. BSI MHE/3/13 is also the mirror committee for TC 433 and holds the secretariat of TC 433 Working Group 1.

As Chair, Cristiano will lead the sub-committee in its formal deliberations and will bring to the role his expertise and knowledge of lifting equipment in the entertainment industry.

Cristiano has over three decades of experience as a senior product and business development manager for structures, stage machinery and control system manufacturers. He is also a well-known risk analysis expert and a fundamental contributor of the current industry-wide stage machinery assessment methods and has provided training to some of the largest stage machinery manufacturers and system integrators in the market.

In September 2019, he was appointed as Convenor of BSI CEN/TC 433 WG1 during the Stockholm plenary meeting for TC 433. In this role, Cristiano now works as Working Group coordinator and is responsible for the working group’s activities that are established by TC 433 to prepare draft standard(s) according to specifications set by the TC within a certain timeframe. CEN/TC 433 WG1 focuses on machinery, lifting and load-bearing equipment for stages and other production areas within the entertainment industry.

Commenting on his appointment as Chair of BSI MHE/3/13, Cristiano stated: “I am excited to take on this new role and want to thank Jeff Philips for all the hard work he put in order to chair this committee before me and Charlotte Hennessey—MHE/3/13 secretary—for the quality of her support. I look forward to working with the committee to help drive the development of standards for the UK entertainment industry.


[Source – Blumano]

[Picture – Blumano]