An intense storm struck the Rimini coast on Thursday afternoon in the Bellaria area. It was a thunderstorm supercell which fell from the Ravenna to the Riminese, also bringing medium-sized hailstorms and gusts of wind up to 98.2 km/h. The storm manifested itself with the phenomenon of a “downburst”, and twenty out of the storm system caused some damage on the coast. There was also the collapse of the stage set up for the events scheduled for the Pink Night weekend. Fortunately, no one was there and there were no injuries. Where there was precipitation also accompanied by hail, and there was a temporary, but a marked decline in temperature being beaten at about 20°C. The storm has now slipped to the south, leaving room for a wonderful rainbow, but also damage.

Youmeteo, the weather calculation centre, said Friday would have some thunderstorms between late morning and afternoon between the first hinterland and the Apennines with exclusion of the coast, and with a tendency to improve from late afternoon. There will also be light winds, sometimes moderate, from the northern quadrants. Temperatures will decrease by a few degrees throughout the province. Saturday, the sky will be clear or cloudy with some clouds in the Apennines. Moderate winds from the northeast in the morning with rough seas, but with winds and waves in attenuation from the afternoon. Temperatures will be stationary. Sunday, the sky will be clear or cloudy with some clouds in the Apennines. Light winds from the northern quadrants in the morning and from the eastern quadrants in the afternoon. Temperatures will slightly increase.


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[Picture: Rimini Today/Angelo Gori through the Bellaria Today Facebook page]