Developing a set of standards for machinery, technical installations and work equipment used in places of assembly, in staging and production facilities for events and theatrical productions. Such facilities include theatres, multi-purpose halls, exhibition halls; film, television, photography and radio studios as well as facilities in concert halls, schools, bars, discotheques, open-air stages and other places for shows and events. Standardization activities include all machinery and technical installations used to lift, lower, suspend, move and carry loads (e.g. scenery, truss systems, or lighting, film/video and sound equipment). They may also be used to move persons, and persons may stand under such equipment while the loads are at rest or in motion. Work equipment in this content comprises elements for fastening, connecting and lifting as well as safety elements for portable light, image, sound and effects equipment. Safety related requirements for construction, installation, inspection, testing and code of safe practice are also addressed.

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